The Airriva Family is working hard to combat this crisis by implementing extra cleaning processes, reaching out to medical professionals and international students to provide sanitary and secluded housing, and we are making a large grassroots effort to friends, family, and all of our connections to make sure people know that Airriva is currently a safe option.

For anyone seeking affordable, sanitized and secluded homes during this hard time.  


-Emergency Affordable Rates: We understand money is tight right now so our rates have been reduced by 70% to help accommodate. 


-Those in Need: Whether you’re a medical professional, family looking for safety, senior citizen or displaced university/college, Airriva is here to help. 


-Medical Grade Safety and Cleaning: Our certified cleaners use medical grade equipment to meet all CDC standards. 


-Privacy and Seclusion: Rest assured, our Hideaway properties are in low traffic, private and peaceful areas. 


We’re all in this together and we are here to help!